Squarespace Pricing 2020: Digging Deep Into Squarespace Pricing Plans

If you are looking to set up your own website, it is a good idea to dive into the Squarespace pricing plans and understand the benefits you get from each category. It is human nature to gravitate towards the cost of anything you purchase first before you make a decision to go for it and the same goes for creating your website.

However, the problem starts when you stop at the price point and start making crucial website decisions based purely on the cost. You might always look for the cheapest possible plan available not knowing that you can actually save a lot more when you opt for what seemed to be pricier categories. In the end, you end up confused and this can stop you in your tracks.

This is where the importance of making yourself look beyond the price point and understanding what each category offers comes in. At this point, you are now changing your mindset and starting to connect the price to the quality you are getting. There are no two people alike so what need is unique and that being said, it is of great advantage to understand Squarespace pricing.

The Different Squarespace Pricing Categories

Squarespace prices are as straightforward as they can get. Apart from the simplicity of the offers, the company made sure that you only pay for the items you really need. To top it off, you get their award-winning 24/7 customer support regardless of what plan you choose.

Personal Plan

The first in the Squarespace pricing category is the personal plan. As the name suggests, this is mostly for personal use of people looking to have an online outlet or extension of themselves. Some people would go for this to get a feel on how it is to run their own website. For others, they just need a space to put their creative side such as paintings, drawings, songs, poems, all of which when compiled becomes an online portfolio already.

This is the least expensive at $16 per month but you can save 48% if you choose to pay annually. You end up paying only $12 per month. For this, you get all the basic items you need to run the website. First off, you get a free custom domain name* as well as SSL security you need to help protect any data your site visitors might have.

The beautiful thing about Squarespace plans is the fact that even the least expensive price gets you unlimited bandwidth and storage. The site will also guide you through on-site SEO needs you need to improve ranking. Although the Personal plan only offers 2 contributors on the site, you still get a mobile-responsive site, access to customer service anytime you need it, as well as all the basic metrics you need to make informed website decisions.

Business Plan

The most popular in the Squarespace pricing line is the business plan. You now have to pay more at $26 per month but you only pay $18/month for annual subscriptions. The good thing about this is that you get what a personal plan offers plus more. At the very basic and core need of a site, you get premium integration and blocks and even complete site customization with CSS and Javascript. These two give you the chance to bring your chosen template or theme to a whole new different design and functionality level. You also get to have unlimited contributors to your site.

What is added to a business plan is the marketing side of things. One is access to advanced website analytics helping you understand the people visiting your site even more. It also does not help that you get Google Adwords credits for $100*. The plan will also help you design and put promotional banners and pop-ups on your site to help customers know about it instantly.

The business plan also helps you dip your toes into actual e-commerce needs such as order forms, inventory, and even product catalog management all the way to payment and computation for taxes and shipping fees. Though the plan does have a 3% transaction fee, you get to sell as many products as you want.

Basic Commerce plan

If you are starting to warm up to Squarespace pricing e-commerce or if you are looking for a more sophisticated site offering that can cater to a bigger online shop, a basic commerce plan is right for you. This one is priced at $26 per month if you get an annual subscription or you can choose a monthly fee of $30 per month if you just want to try it out in the beginning.

This plan covers everything the business plan gives you but offers more on the e-commerce site. The only difference it has with the business plan is that it does not have any Squarespace transaction fee. On top of this, the plan offers a point of sale where you get to seamlessly sync your inventory, customers, and sales analytics.

One of the nice things with this plan is that it gives your customers the chance to create their own account on your site to help you deliver targeted services or products in the future. Another one of the benefits of a basic commerce plan is that it gives your customers a checkout on your domain. This gives them a sense of continuity in your site and that feeling of being secure with their payments. The plan also automatically syncs with Xero’s cloud-based accounting platform helping stay on top of tax liabilities but this is only offered to US-based clients and sites.

Advanced commerce plan

For the more serious sellers and e-commerce enthusiasts, the advance commerce plan is the top-of-the-line in the Squarespace pricing plans. It covers everything you would need and has all that the previous plans carry and more. There is no denying that this is for the more discerning of web users and even developers.

The plan will cost you $46/month if you choose to get the month on month pricing. However, you will save 72% annually if you get the yearly subscription paying only $40 per month. This plan is also included in the 0% Squarespace transaction fee. Do note though that credit card transaction fees still apply to this and other plans.

What is added to this plan is the abandoned cart recovery feature giving you the chance to reach out and remind your customers about their planned purchase. This increases the likelihood of seeing them return and complete the transaction. You can now also sell gift cards and even sell subscriptions to your clients creating brand loyalty. The advanced shipping feature helps your customers get real-time shipping computation from major parcel movers in UPS, FedEx, and USPS. You can also integrate third-party systems of your choice to manage logistics and inventory with the APIs for Orders and Inventory.

Can you get Squarespace for free?

With all the features packed into the entry price point of Squarespace pricing plans, there is no free version. However, they do give out a free trial period in which case they do not collect any credit card details from you. Once the trial is up and you have determined that you have found the right plan for you, you can then proceed in paying for the plan of your choice.

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Choosing the best Squarespace pricing plan

It is not that difficult to choose the most appropriate Squarespace plan for you. You need to look at what you need at the moment and go from there. One of the beauties of Squarespace plans is the ease of not only choosing and signing up for a plan but changing it as well when your need changes. This ensures that your website is able to deliver all your needs at any given time.




Basic Commerce

Advanced Commerce


16$ / month

26$ / month

30$ / month

46$ / month


12$ / month

18$ / month

26$ / month

40$ / month

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