Weebly Pricing And Pricing Plans: A Comprehensive Guide

Getting to know the Weebly pricing goes beyond knowing the price. Sometimes, eCommerce entrepreneurs focus on the price – immediately calculating how much money it will cost them a year.

While it is understandable to look at the price, it is a mistake to focus only on that. A wise entrepreneur weighs in more on the value of what they are paying for. It is better to pay a lot of money for something that will help your business profit more. Even if you are only paying the lowest price for something, if it will not help your business in any way, then it will still be a waste of your investment. However, if it will make your business both profitable and productive, it should not matter if you will pay a lot of money for it.

When scrutinizing Weebly plans, look at what you will get from every package. Weebly, a partner of Square, offers website and eCommerce services that will give you the tools that you need to run your business. These tools will help you create a professional-looking website or eCommerce site.

They practically have everything you need to launch your online business. From mobile optimization to advanced analytics and market integration, they made it easy for the average user to set up their online business. eCommerce sites are also offered tools that will help with shipping, inventory, and even tax calculations. 

Obviously, the specific services will vary depending on the plan that you will choose. Naturally, the higher the package, the more tools you will have access to.

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The Different Weebly Pricing Plans

So what are the different Weebly prices that you need to look into? There are 4 main packages to choose from.

Connect: Connect a Domain ($5/month)

This is the most simple paid package among the Weebly plans. If you subscribe for one year, this package only costs $5 a month. It includes free SSL Security, up to 500 MB storage, and a customized Domain. This package also includes built-in tools and various features that will make search engine optimization easier. Not only that, it comes with the ability to create simple forms and tools to set up marketing campaigns.

For a mere $5 a month, you will also get access to the Community Forum that will allow you to talk to store owners. It is a great platform to learn from each other and share ideas. You also get chat and email support for any technical needs.

While this seems adequate for small-time website needs, you might find the presence of Weebly ads to be a turn-off. Weebly websites with low-priced packages will have to deal with these ads.

Pro: Groups and Organizations ($12/month)

The next level in terms of packages is the Pro. For $12 a month (annual payments only), you get everything that a Connect package has – except the storage. You now also have access to unlimited storage space. On top of that, you get a free domain worth $20 and $100 credits on Google Ads.

This $20 domain is payment for a year of using it. After that, you have to buy that domain externally. If you need help, customer support should be able to run through the process with you.

When it comes to the tools, you will have a longer list. The Weebly Ads will be deactivated so it will only be about your brand and business. You will also enjoy the Site Search feature that will make navigation easier for visitors. It seems like a simple thing but you have to remember that clients are looking for the best customer experience. You cannot give them that if it is hard to find information on your website.

This package also includes basic eCommerce tools. These include a shopping cart and the ability to accept payments through Square or other 3rd party providers.

Your website will also get have advance site statistics that will allow you to analyze data that will improve your business. Apart from that, you will also get phone support in addition to the chat and email customer support.

Overall, this package is great for those who need more sophistication and functionality on their website. But if you plan on setting up an online store, this might not be enough for what your business will need.

Business: Small Businesses & Stores ($25/month)

The third Weebly pricing package is best for small businesses and stores. If you pay annually, this package will only cost $25 a month. You will get everything that the Pro package will get and a lot more tools that will benefit eCommerce sites.

Among these tools include tagging items on sale, low inventory or sold out, inventory management, item options filter, coupon codes, ability to accept Square gift cards, and even item reviews. When it comes to shipping, you also get to set up the rates based on item specifications. You also enjoy shipping labels and even shipping discounts. All of these will make the shopping experience of customers so much better. With more positive customer experience, you get a better chance of getting repeat buyers.

You can also set up popup notifications that will help you provide reminders or urge your visitors to buy more. When it comes to website management, you also get more advanced eCommerce statistics.

For an additional $13 a month on your Weebly cost, all of these features will increase profitability for your online business.

While these tools and features seem highly appealing, it is only ideal for small businesses and online stores. If you expect heavy traffic in the online store you are creating, you might be better off getting the highest package.

Business Plus: Power Sellers ($38/month)

The highest among the Weebly prices are for the power sellers. If you can pay for a year’s worth of services, you only have to pay $38 a month. You will get everything that the Business package enjoys plus an email marketing tool that has a value of $96. This is a great addition if you expect a lot of clients buying on the site on a daily basis.

Since the number of clients makes it hard to track all of them, the additional feature of Abandoned Cart Emails will be a huge help. This is an automatic emailing system that will remind customers of any abandoned cards or incomplete purchases. Not only that, but you also get have the ability to provide accurate shipping rates that are based on preferred carrier, destination, and weight.

For only $38 a month or $456 a year, all of these features seem like a small price to pay for all the tools that you can use. Remember that eCommerce sites are now battling on who can provide the best customer experience. These tools will help you accomplish all of that.

Can you get Weebly for free?

You may be wondering, is Weebly free for those who only want the basic tools to get your simple website up and running? The answer to that is yes. Weebly can cost you nothing but it will also give you the bare-basic tools only.

You still get the free SSL security and 500 MB storage. You will also get a domain name but it will have the Weebly branding. If you do not want to be identified as one of the free Weebly websites, you might want to invest in one of the paid packages.

Note that if you have a paid domain already, you cannot use it on this free plan. You will not be allowed to connect it.

This free use will have features like search engine optimization and the ability to create contact forms and lead capture. Not only that, the Community Forum and chat/email support will be available.

Choosing the best Weebly pricing plan

All of the Weebly prices stated here are based on an annual payment scheme. If you plan to pay for a 2-year payment scheme, the monthly amount will be lower.





Business Plus











Every two years





Take some time in choosing the right Weebly pricing plan that you will use. While Weebly will make it easy for you to upgrade, it will still require effort from you. The transition may still cause a little bit of disruption in your business.

So make sure that you will consider the future that you have planned for your online business. If you plan on expanding soon, then invest in a good package for a year. That is enough time for you to determine if you need an upgrade or if you can stay with the package you have chosen.

What do you think of the Weebly pricing package? Can you find the package that fits your eCommerce needs perfectly?

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