Understanding Wix Pricing To Help You With Your next Project

If you are thinking of putting up your own website, it is a good idea to look into Wix pricing as they are one of the leading pillars in this industry. As proof of that, they only needed 3 years from being founded in 2006 to hit 1 million subscribers. To date, they already have 150 million subscribers which are more than the population of California three times over. The company even went public in 2013 in NASDAQ (WIX) as a sign of longevity and company promise.

This cloud-based development platform with millions of subscribers was actually started by three people while they were on the beach. Nadav Abrahami, Avishai Abrahami, and  Giora Kaplan were putting together a website of their own and found out how cumbersome it is to have one. This prompted the group to put together a company that would address that problem which people embraced entirely.

With all the latest features being offered by the company which allows people and businesses to have a professional presence online, the next question on your mind is how much does WIX cost? It offers powerful technology which makes you wonder if it will also break the bank.

Different Wix Pricing Categories

WIX pricing is quite straightforward and easy to navigate through which is important if it is your first time to venture into the digital world. The company continuously develops tools to help subscribers put together the most accurate online representation of their brand for their market to see. Here are the WIX prices broken down into their categories.

Connect Domain

This is considered to be their most basic plan which is priced at $4.50 per month. This is quite affordable especially if you are just starting out and still figuring out the whole website aspect of your business or brand. In almost anything in life, it is a good idea to start small or slow and as you gain more knowledge, then you put in more effort or climb up the ladder. This is a good start for you to get your website out there. 

As the name suggests, the connect domain does not come with a domain name yet. The plan allows you to connect an existing domain name you have for your company or brand and they will provide the hosting for you. Of course, you can also look at and purchase your preferred domain name with WIX which is ideal if you are getting the hosting from them as well. This makes the process seamless and easier to navigate through.

The plan still comes with 1GB bandwidth for you to manage your website visits. You need to keep an eye on this as it is necessary to increase this over time as your site visits increase. You also get 500MB storage in case you have digital assets such as images or videos you want to put on your site. DO take note that this plan does come with WIX brand ads which will be displayed on your site.


As you go through WIX pricing, the next on the list is the combo category which is being positioned as a perfect choice for personal use websites. This can be a blog about your hobby you want to share with the world, a start-up brand you want to pursue, or even an online diary where you want to have an audience to share it with. 

This plan is at $8.50 a month and comes with beefier offerings than the connect domain category. For one, the price still allows you to connect an existing domain name you might already have but it also gives you a free domain for 1 year. You also get to do away with the WIX branded ads that are displayed in the first category. 

The combo plan will amp up your bandwidth to 2GB and you have a lot more storage at 3GB of space. This gives you more freedom in putting personal artwork or even video snippets on your site. However, the plan also allows you to have 30 Video Minutes of high-definition quality in your site. Take note that embedded video does not take up space in your site.


At $12.50 per month, the unlimited category in the WIX pricing is their most popular choice for a lot of subscribers. This is usually the choice for freelancers who are trying to get some online side hustle and even some entrepreneurs who are conducting business online. The unlimited category seems to be the most loved option. 

It could have a lot to do with the fact that it offers unlimited bandwidth for subscribers. This means that your website visitors can enjoy a smooth site experience increasing the chances of them staying on longer or reacting positively to your site’s call to action. This category also offers 10GB of storage which should be decent enough for your digital assets. 

Much like the combo plan, you can also connect an existing domain name you have or take advantage of a free 1-year domain name from WIX. This also takes out the WIX-branded ads and bumps up your HD video allocation to 1 hour. Another great thing about this plan is that it offers a Site Booster App to help you get more site traffic as well as a Visitor Analytics App to help you understand your site visitors more. Both of which are at $120 value given free at this category.


Finally, the top of the line in the Website Wix pricing category is the VIP which is priced at $24.50 every month. This is for people who need to have that first priority support from WIX which they do. The category allows subscribers to skip the line when getting in touch with customer support. Their call becomes a first priority when they place their call from Monday through Thursday from 6AM to 5PM PST.

This plan also offers everything that the unlimited category has only better. It has twice the storage allocation for unlimited as well as the video hours for the site. It also has the Site Booster App as well as the Visitor Analytics App to help you get your site out there as well as get to know the people looking through your site. 

The VIP category has the Professional logo added with a market value of $50. Subscribers get to access the WIX Logo Maker giving them an easier time putting together their site logo. The Social Media Logo files also help subscribers resize the logo to fit any social media outlet perfectly. As a VIP customer, subscribers also get their tickets entered through the WIX Answers page pushed to the top for faster response.

Business and E-Commerce Weebly Pricing Categories

Apart from the Website category, WIX pricing also covers business and e-commerce which is divided into three prices.

Business Basic

This is the most basic category priced at $17 per month helping you process and accept online payments coursed through your site. The good thing about this is that WIX offers this at 100% Commission FREE though merchant fees could still apply. Take note that WIX accepts all major credit and debit cards including American Express, Mastercard, JCB and Diners, Discover, and Visa.

Much like the website offerings, this also gives you unlimited bandwidth as well as 20GB of storage. You can also take advantage of a free domain name for 1 year or connect the existing one you might have. There are no WIX branded ads on this category and it bumps up your video hours to a total of 5 hours. You get Google analytics as well coupled with the Site Booster App and Visitor Analytics App.

Business Unlimited

If you are trying to grow your business, this WIX pricing category might be perfect for you at $25 per month. It offers all that the Basic plan has but increases your storage to 35GB and doubles the HD video hours to 10. This also comes with a Professional Logo as well as Social Media Logo files to help you manage your social media account logos as well.

Business VIP

The top of the line in the business and e-commerce category is the Business VIP at $35 month. It has everything the first two has and more. Your online storage is rounded off to a neat 50GB of space and you do not have to worry about HV video hours because it becomes unlimited as well at this price range. Much like the Website VIP, the Business VIP also offers the Priority Response and VIP Support you need to bring your business to the next level.

Can you get WIX for free?

You can get WIX for free and a professional-looking site all on your own but you cannot connect your own domain name. You also get WIX branded ads on your free site. To get started, you just have to sign up for a free website builder, choose a starting point with a template of your choice, start dragging and dropping design features for your site, and then publish it to go live.

One thing WIX offers is a two-week trial on a premium plan for free. If you decide that it is not for you, you get a full refund without any questions asked.

Choosing the best Wix Pricing plan

WIX is one of the leading names in the market simply because they were able to solve a problem a lot of people have – web design and building. They made it easy for people to create their own site by simply choosing a template and using drag and drop, a computer concept most people are familiar with, you get to have a site of your own. 

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